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Is Your PEO Taking Good Care of You?

When you entrust your human resource management to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), you expect smooth sailing with employee relations, compensation processes, labor law compliance and all things employee-related. You also expect prompt, professional customer service from the HR professionals responsible for your business.

Sometimes though, your PEO just doesn’t measure up. Calls aren’t returned. Answers to your questions are unsatisfactory. There’s no follow up to problem solving or strategic planning. Maybe your PEO doesn’t even have the expertise needed to manage your employees.

Here’s what you should expect from a good PEO:

  • Quick, accurate responses to questions
  • Correct payroll and tax filing execution
  • Qualified, certified HR professionals managing your account
  • Effective, regular compliance training for employees
  • Quick resolution to HR issues

If you aren’t getting these services from your current PEO and they aren’t interested in resolving your concerns, it’s time to find another PEO.

Assess your PEO needs

Customer service

A common complaint from PEO clients is their calls and emails go unanswered for too long. While it’s frustrating when your PEO doesn’t respond promptly to your calls or emails, getting incorrect advice from them can be risky. If you get poor guidance, you could get hit with fines for not handling labor situations correctly or you may not have insurance that’s appropriate.

Does the cost match the value?

Based on your business’ individual needs, a PEO should be providing services that match those at a fair price. If you haven’t had an analysis done in a while, you may find that the cost of your PEO is out of sync with its value. With a complete analysis of the PEO marketplace and the open market, PEO Consultants recommends the best course of action for you and your employees.

What is the risk if you don’t change PEOs?

While it’s not easy to change HR management practices, the loss of productivity with repeatedly trying to reach your PEO and potential risk involved with getting wrong answers outweighs the inconvenience of switching.

The upside is you gain trustworthy, prompt HR support and could experience cost savings as well. With PEO Consultants’ thorough needs analysis and marketplace comparison, we find the PEO that best fits your needs.

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