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Let us find the best PEO to manage your payroll, worker’s comp, benefit plans, and HR tasks so you can get back to what you know best: your business. 

$ 5,250,485 Saved in PEO Costs Since 2012
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Saved in PEO Costs Since 2012

2,898 Employees with Better Benefits

Employees with Better Benefits

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What Does a PEO Analysis Look Like?

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Step 1

We meet one-on-one to conduct a full analysis of your current situation. We look at payroll, worker’s comp, health insurance, and other benefits.

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Step 2

We provide side-by-side comparisons of multiple PEO options. We consolidate costs and various offers, so you can easily compare the type of PEO and programs you want to offer with the plan you currently have.

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Step 3

We decide together which PEO matches your needs. Then, we implement your plan and will be there next to you for the life of our partnership and act as an advocate on your behalf when needed.

A Selection of Our PEO Clients

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How We Help You, Your Employees & Your Bottom Line

Grow Faster

Grow Faster

Our clients, on average, grow 9% faster. We provide PEO options and you decide which plan makes sense for your business so you can get back to growing your company.

Work Smarter

Work Smarter

A PEO is a co-employer in all the good ways—it shares liability for employment management, income tax reporting, payroll, and related tasks. We take the stress out of the PEO hiring process by providing the best PEO options for your organization’s needs.

Better Benefits

Better Benefits

Each PEO has its own master health insurance policy and premium options, and those costs are kept low because thousands of companies share the cost. Employees get access to premium benefits choices to fit their needs—all at price points that many larger companies can’t beat.

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What PEO Consulting Clients Are Saying

We were looking for a better option...

We wanted to see if we could find a better PEO option than the one we were using and PEO Consultants put multiple options in front of us in an easy to read grid format, and after considering the options we decided to make a change to one of PEO Consultants recommended vendors. This should result in a $42,000 annual savings while also offering better medical plans to our employees.
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- Greg Osteen
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It all started with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal.” FDR created at least 100 agencies during his tenure to combat the Great Depression, and all the agencies were referred to with abbreviations, acronyms and confusing language resulting in an “alphabet soup” of federal offices. Federal and state governments have continued this tradition with current employment …

Most businesses deal with eight or more vendors just to keep their human resources department operating. Payroll companies, insurance brokers, accountants, safety specialists, training coordinators, legal counsel, and more take a lot of time to select and integrate, not to mention the ongoing required oversight once the vendor is actually on board and functioning. From …

Your entrepreneurial spirit has led you to pursue your dream and start your very own business. At the start, you focused on setting the company up for success… and success you achieved. But, with that success came an increase in employees. As your staff grew so did the amount of time you spent on logistical …

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