So that we can help find the right PEO Service Providers for your company, we will ask that you provide us with information that will allow us to prepare and provide to you our PEO Price Comparison, as well as our financial analysis of potential savings your company may experience. The data submitted will be used to obtain proposals from our PEO providers.

We will not ask for, and do not want you to send, employee social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or other government I.D. numbers.

To bring your company together with one of our PEO Service Providers, we will ask that you complete the Request for Proposal Form which follows this Privacy Policy. We appreciate that your company, and its employees, expect and deserve to have the data you share to be handled in a professional manner, and treated as private. We use SSL Security on the forms you submit so that we can provide a safe and secure experience.

Your privacy, and that of the people with whom you work, is of paramount importance to us.

In most instances, we ask that you provide us with information about your company, including payroll information, loss histories, types of benefits currently offered, and demographic data about your team. The information you provide to us will be used to provide to you a fully underwritten quote, and speed up the opportunity to decide on your next PEO Service Provider. You may limit the types of information which you choose to provide, but doing so may impact our ability to find a quote for your company.

The information you provide in the RFP will first be reviewed and analyzed by PEO Consultants to identify which of our PEO Partners could be a good fit for your business, and to provide you with one or more unique quotes. To obtain the quotes, the information you provide is reviewed by personnel of PEO Consultants, with either excerpts or compilations of the data shared with our PEO Partners, who use it to for pricing and underwriting. By submitting your RFP and the data shared with it, you consent to this review and quoting process.

PEO Consultants will not sell the information you provide to anyone. We do keep your basic contact and information so that we can provide you with the best business experience possible, now and in the future. You may ask us how we process the data you share, or to correct data provided. You may ask us to delete the data before any quotes are provided to you.

By submitting information with the RFP to PEO Consultants you grant us a license to hold, review, process, analyze, and use the information and data for business purposes including finding one or more PEO Service provider quotes.

Information and data shared with PEO Consultants is shared with the express understanding and expectation that it will be shared with PEO Service Providers in order to obtain quotes from them, and by sharing this data and information you are consenting to PEO Consultants using the information in the manner described herein.

You are, and remain, responsible for ensuring that any information provided to PEO Consultants is shared with the proper authority to do so, and for ensuring that any limits or restrictions placed on the sharing of data by your company or its employees are honored. PEO Consultants asks that you not provide social security numbers, driver’s license numbers (or individuals’ government I.D. numbers), nor electronic records of health-related information on an individual that was created, gathered, managed, or consulted on by health care clinicians or their staff, such as copies of actual medical records.

This privacy policy is subject to change, with the revised policy becoming the effective policy. Copies of the updated policy will be made available upon request.

If you’d like more information, please contact us or schedule a call with our PEO advisors. 

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