PEO Consulting

Why Should You Use a PEO Consultant?

Our PEO consultants can shop the marketplace for you at no cost to you. PEO Consultants receives a finder’s fee from our PEO vendors only if we find you a PEO option that is so attractive that you make a change. We have partnerships with twelve of the top PEOs in the country. Using our secure server you can upload the information required for a PEO quote and then we can take it from there. We have a strict privacy policy that you will sign off on before working with us insuring that your confidential company information always stays protected and secure.

The amount of time it takes to compare twelve PEO quotes is substantial so why take on that work when you can use a PEO consultant for free? We have over ten years of experience in the industry and can simplify the process of finding a PEO.

Many PEOs conceal their true pricing within their pricing structure and we have the ability to break those quotes down and explain the true cost of services.

PEO Consultants has pricing agreements with our PEO vendors that offer cost savings over what you could get on your own due to the fact that we bring volume to the table with the amount of deals that we close on a year over year basis. This savings will be passed on to you if you work with PEO Consultants.


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