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PEO Service Provider - Simplifying the Search

PEO Consultants specializes in helping you navigate the PEO (Professional Employer Organization) marketplace to find the best PEO service provider for your business, employees, and bottom line. We will be with you every step of the way, recommending the best option for your company even if that means staying with your current plan, and addressing any concerns during the underwriting process.

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Our Team

Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson



Lizbeth Stimac

Senior Consultant

Mallory Kingsbury

Mallory Kingsbury

Senior Analyst


What We Do

We listen to you

We won’t try to force our solutions on to you. We will base our PEO service provider solutions on your needs.

Simplified RFP Process

We have consolidated all of the PEO quoting requirements into one simple form so you don’t have to send the same date to multiple companies.

Easy to understand analysis

We will summarize our findings into a consolidated analysis giving you an apples to apples comparison of all of the PEO quotes.

Substantial savings

About 80% of the time we do an analysis we can find substantial expense reductions around admin, health insurance, SUTA or workers comp premiums.

Free advice

We get paid a finder’s fee by our PEO partners, so you get our knowledge of the PEO industry for free and don’t have to deal with a bunch of sales reps who have quotas to meet and pressure to “close” you. We will work with you in a consultative manner.

Lifetime Support

We will stay with you through the lifetime of the partnership, from the signing of contracts through implementation and through the life of your partnership with the PEO service provider.

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