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Easy Button Your HR Functions with a PEO

Most businesses deal with eight or more vendors just to keep their human resources department operating. Payroll companies, insurance brokers, accountants, safety specialists, training coordinators, legal counsel, and more take a lot of time to select and integrate, not to mention the ongoing required oversight once the vendor is actually on board and functioning.

From healthcare benefits and tax compliance to workers compensation and payroll, a PEO makes your life easier by managing vendor interactions and handling administrative tasks associated with vendors.

Instead of drowning in the details of managing multiple vendors, you can devote your time to other issues that matter to your business.

Vendor management made easy

PEO’s take care of all these HR areas and search for the perfect vendors to meet the needs of your business:

  • Payroll and payroll taxes – process and distribute payroll, manage payroll deductions and taxes and oversee compensation
  • Workers’ compensation – insurance coverage, cost containment strategies, and return-to-work programs
  • Employee benefits – leave policy development and implementation, healthcare coverage including dental and vision, life and disability insurance and retirement plans
  • Safety – OSHA compliance, safety manual development, and safety training
  • Compliance – Areas of compliance managed include federal wage and hour, Family Medical Leave, EEO, Title VII, ADA – the PEO will even make sure you have all of those Employment Rights posters.

Because PEO’s have a large pool of employees through their co-employment partnerships, the costs for benefits, insurance, and other employee programs are cost-effective making a PEO a very smart choice for the bottom line.

As the renowned management consultant Peter Drucker said, “PEOs free up managers to focus on the business rather than employment-related rules, regulations, and paperwork.”

Drucker also famously said, “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

Stop driving yourself crazy with old vendor management practices –  contact PEO Consultants. We’ll take care of your vendors for you.


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