24 Jul Is Your PEO Taking Good Care of You?

When you entrust your human resource management to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), you expect smooth sailing with employee relations, compensation processes, labor law compliance and all things employee-related. You also expect prompt, professional customer service from the HR professionals responsible for your business. Sometimes though,...

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24 Jul HR Compliance: As Clear as Alphabet Soup

It all started with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal.” FDR created at least 100 agencies during his tenure to combat the Great Depression, and all the agencies were referred to with abbreviations, acronyms and confusing language resulting in an “alphabet soup” of federal offices. Federal and...

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18 Feb 5 Myths About PEOs

Myth Number 1 - You Give Up Control Of Your Employees This is not true.  The PEO client/business owner retains ownership of the company and control over its operations. As co-employers, the PEO and client will contractually share or allocate employer responsibilities and liabilities per a...

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18 Jan 3 Ways PEOs Save on Workers’ Comp

1) PEO Discounts - Small businesses reap the benefits of the large numbers of employees grouped together under a PEO. With this grouping, PEO’s can usually provide workers’ comp at a discount of up to 30%. 2) Improve Cash Flow – Traditionally, companies purchase workers’ comp...

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